Rent luxury limousines including the driver

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Services & prices

Limousine:                                       VW T2 - Bulli:

  • 1 hour   2 990,- CZK                  1 hour    1 990,- CZK
  • 2 hours  3 990,- CZK                  2 hours  2 990,- CZK
  • 3 pm     4 990,- CZK                  3 pm     3 990,- CZK

Car rental can be arranged at least for 1 hour.
The price is the Most car delivery and within 20 km.

For weddings is price set individually based customer wishes.

At the beginning of the lease means the time and place of delivery vehicle according to the customer.
For the binding order of the car must pay a deposit of 50% (of the expected time and rental price).

In case of cancellation of already ordered mandatory travel from the customer will be deducted from any deposits made ​​up incurred costs of this order.